An experiment in diary keeping to see if it gives more detailed insights into my experience of living the citizen’s wage. This coincidently is a good week to start a diary.  It’s been one of those rare weeks when months of effort pay off on a few fronts!

Monday 14th: Final visit to dentist, a couple of hours at the Inverkeithing knitting group, make a start on Tenement Homeowners Association accounts, and make a final push to get written agreement from all stairs to proceed with essential repairs.
Tuesday 15th: Yoga, then have a long awaited coffee with Shona and Tamlin, my creative buddies in Inverkeithing, then go with them to the Open Day of Maker, the new shop and workshop of Inverkeithing Arts Initiative, another boost to the High Street.  My eBay winter dress arrives :).  Finish the accounts – Leonard Cohen says it’s a great feeling, getting your affairs in order.

Wednesday 16th: Yoga, then over to Heriot to continue the house sale project with Martin.  Been working on it for nearly a year, more intensely last couple of months.   Today after nice lunch at Stow Cafe we make it to the estate agent and arrange an initial visit get advice and a rough valuation! Hatching an exciting plan with Morven to knit her a jumper. First pension payment!

Thursday 17th: Yoga, then focus on blog. In afternoon, pick up an organic, free range chicken from new Fife Food Shop in High Street.  Pia had written my name on it as she resold last one, she was keeping for me in her freezer! Another customer thinks for a minute it’s the name of the chicken! Such high standards of care that they have names :).  Friends’  children visit in the afternoon – their dad is home in Asia so it’s a wee diversion for them.  We have a great time making as always. It’s stormy outside and cosy inside. Finally get written agreement from everyone to go ahead with the tenement essential repairs and contact builder!

Friday 18th: Over to Edinburgh to do a wee bit of preparatory work on Greg’s funding application to revisit one of his projects.  He has asked me to be the designer on it Whoop! When I get back, I have the luxury of the whole of the rest of the day to work on this blog. In the ev
ening I hear the Sottish Office reporter has ruled on the application by Cala to build on the small holding fields where I grew up, on the hill just north of Inverkeithing. He has ruled against it!

Saturday 19th: Deep yoga, then Charlotte from upstairs comes down for a handover of all the financial stuff for our Homeowners Association.poster for food group event
Whoop – an active treasurer – that’s a big weight off my shoulders.  Bit on the blog, then kids come again for another lovely time.  Their dad is home on Monday.  Do a bit more work on design for Inverkeithing Food Group event – that might do!  Martin arrives and we have a great chicken dinner – all local organic ingredients.  And watch House of Cards on Netflix.

Sunday 20th: writing this diary, with a plan to email a select bunch of critical friends tomorrow for feedback – a mini launch.  Finish poster for Inverkeithing Food Group.