Last Friday I attended a symposium organised by Katie Bruce of Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art  round Jacqueline Donachie’s Exhibition “Deep in the Heart of Your Brain”, an artist’s response to her engagement with the science and medic of Myotonic Dystrophy.  This grew out of earlier work she created with her sister who has myotonic dystrophy.

Also featured was Karen Guthrie’s’s award winning film “The Closer We Get”  artfully documenting family life in the wake of her mother’s debilitating stroke.

In the description of the event, a phrase  that leapt out of the page at me was ‘lived experience as a model for radical practice’, which I found a useful way of encapsulating what I’m trying to do with this project, Breathing Space –  Living a Citizen’s Income.

One of the questions that came up was ‘How do you being to critique work which is very personal?’  Afterwards I re-engaged with Liz Lerman’s “Critical Response Method”  which is a four stage mediated conversation  between an artist and her audience. It’s not till the final stage that the audience gives  opinions and only then at the invite of the artist.